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Nicaragua Vacation Travel Guide

I have been exploring Nicaragua for some years and I find the country most pleasant, with friendly people, good highways, excellent inexpensive food and restaurants, and the crime no worse then any where else I have lived, and the natural beauty awesome. It's an amazing diverse country barely touched by outsiders that is just now being discovered by tourists.

Nicaragua is an excellent travel destination in Central America for vacations and adventure. Traveling to Nicaragua from the United States and Canada is easy and inexpensive. A number of airlines fly to international airports in Nicaragua. Call your travel agent and book ahead for best deals. Often airlines will offer a very special price from anywhere in the USA to Nicaragua - but these deals go fast so keep in touch with your travel agents and airline booking sources. Recently friends found round trip flights from Los Angeles to Managua for under $300 on a major airline.

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Nicaragua hotels are inexpensive to pricey, from the basic $5 shared shower pension to stylish getaways for the rich. Travelers find many options while driving around Nicaragua, it is not necessary to book your room in advance.

Traveling by car in Nicaragua is an option. In Nicaragua the roads are well built on most of the long drives and of reasonable quality dirt and rock elsewhere. You can rent a car in Nicaragua and see the country. Or save money and get to know the native Nicaraguans, take buses and taxis. I love the taxis in Nicaragua because I am always amazed at how a car so beat up can still travel 100 kilometers an hour!

The weather in Nicaragua is hot and humid. Be prepared for scorching sun and heavy downpours, all in the same afternoon. Of course, Nicaraguan weather varies throughout the country and is quite different in the mountains as to the oceans. Current weather in Nicaragua.

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Nicaragua is abundant with wild animals, birds, beautiful scenery and friendly people. Come, vacation in Nicaragua and enjoy the hospitality and vitality of it's people. There has never been a better time to travel to Nicaragua.

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